Edinburgh Castle is epic

Edinburgh Castle is epic

Edinburgh Castle has just been named as one of the UK’s most epic castles by Fodor’s Travel blog , and quite rightly so , as anyone who has ever visited it will confirm .

Perched upon the volcanic crag of Castle Rock and dominating the Edinburgh city skyline, Edinburgh Castle is an icon of Scotland and possibly in the most epic location of this entire list. Once the residence of the Scottish monarchs, it’s now one of Scotland’s most popular tourist attractions, especially with its position at the top of the famous Royal Mile. Sadly in this pandemic the castle is closed , but hopefully it will open again when it’s safe to do so in the summer . Lost in lockdown ? Why not try our Edinburgh Castle jigsaw puzzle

The oldest section (St. Margarets Chapel) dates back to the 12th century . Members of the UK armed forces are entitled to get married in the Chapel . Just next to the Chapel is an amazing viewpoint of the city and all the way down to Leith . The entire area has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985.

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