Ravelston Castle for sale

AN Edinburgh castle which once hosted the likes of Charles Dickens, Hans Christian Andersen and Sir Walter Scott, has been included in a list of Britain’s most ‘unloved’ properties after its asking price dropped by £1 million. Situated in the affluent Ravelston area of the Capital, Craigcrook Castle went on the market in 2014 for the first time in almost three centuries.

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With its handsome turrets and beautiful gardens, the 16th century pile was put for sale with an asking price of £6 million.

But now after half a decade without a buyer, it seems the five-bedroom, three-storey stately home is struggling with its lofty price tag and has been included in a list of the UK’s most unloved properties. Richard Demarco kept his archives at the castle. Housesimple.com researched property markets in 100 major towns and cities, to find houses or flats that have been on the market for years without budging. One house in the Anfield are of Liverpool was first listed for sale in April 2010 for £145,000, and even a £10,000 price drop hasn’t tempted any buyers to date. It’s a similar sorry tale for a two-bed flat in Darlington, County Durham, which was first listed in May 2010 for £145,000. Despite the owners dropping the price by 17%, eight years have passed and buyers are a little thin on the ground. While, a one-bed flat in Middlesbrough, on at £36,995, has had its price dropped seven times; but even a 33% cut in the initial list price, hasn’t seen a sold board go up outside. But of course it’s not just the cheaper properties that are struggling to find buyers. A five-bedroom house in Sandbanks, Poole, known for being one of the most expensive coastal real estates in the world, has been on the market for almost five years. It was reduced in price by half a million pounds in December 2018.

And Edinburgh’s own Craigcrook Castle has also dropped in value, with its original £6 million asking price reduced by £1m last July.

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