CASTLE OF CARBONANA sits on top of a hill, enclosed by a beautiful cypress park. It is located in Umbria, in between Gubbio and Umbertide, and is surrounded by green rolling hills.

Often called the “Green Heart of Italy”, Umbria is a beautiful countryside area of rolling forested hills, meadows covered with flowers, olive groves, lakes and deep valleys. The landscape of Umbria is dotted with many picturesque medieval villages, and the people of the area are known for their distinctive cuisine, friendliness and hospitality. This wonderful, tranquil region offers visitors a gorgeous, clean, natural environment, as well as medieval art and architecture, and many sites of historical interest in the countryside.

The property comprises approximately 20 hectares which corresponds to about 50 acres of land. It has a small vineyard, olive grove and some fruit trees. The building is not protected by the Ministry for Cultural heritage, nonetheless is one of the best preserved castles in the area.

Castello Carbonana was probably built in the 5th century as a military signal post during the period when the Senate was in Rome and the Emperor resided in Ravenna and the main tower of the castle dates from this time. In the 10th century the Templar order rebuilt the smaller tower, which is the jagged part on the front of the castle.

The round tower was built in the 12th century and at that time the abbot was given the title of Count of Carbonana.

A painting of Castello Carbonana – dated to 1495 – appears on a large wall map in a corridor that leads from the Vatican museum to the Sistine Chapel.

The building as it stands now, completed with the roofed sections, was completed in the 14th century and has 37 rooms. In the 13th and 14th century it belonged to counts Porcelli who had to flew the castle in 1315 as the city of Gubbio was ruled by the adverse party. In 1576 the duchy of Urbino granted the count of Carbonana hunting rights over a large territory.

Purchased by a Canadian businessman in late ‘60s, the castle has not been lived in for some years and needs now some maintenance and refurbishing works to get back in full to its magnificence.

The covered surface is roughly 1.350 sqm (13.500 square feet), plus the inner courtyard and all the terraces. The castle is squared shaped with an inner courtyard where a high tower arises; The tower is still accessible via a ladder up until the very top, where a breathtaking view will hit the visitor.

On 4 levels, of which 2 lie underneath the inner courtyard, the building is split into 5 interconnected units; the main apartment on the ground floor is in fairly good condition, the remaining part needs a restoration and a refreshening. The castle also contains wine cellars, dungeons, tower rooms, and a small chapel, still accessible.

Plumbing and wiring are installed throughout the castle but need to be updated to latest standards.

At short distance from the castle there is also a detached old stone-house on 2 levels, for approximately 350 sq m.

Perfect for a redevelopment project or for a luxury tourist resort.

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